Art Intelligence Advisory

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013


Volta Art Fair New York 2011


Ambassador For Building Art Intelligence


We are passionate and dedicated to help our clients build knowledge and expertise of modern and contemporary art and culture. We believe that having a firm grounding in art and culture is an essential part of building wealth and success in life. Cultural and art intelligence not only promote critical thinking, which expands your vision of the world but also, enrich quality of life.

In order to become an avid art collector, you first need to have the tools and skill sets to understand and appreciate art. This will allow you to build your own sense of taste and to respond viscerally to certain pieces of art. We work with people who are curious about art, who are enthusiastic about discovering a new world of art and learning the value of art and culture.

Our experiential programs are accompanied visits and VIP tours of galleries, museums, exclusive art events and regional and international art fairs. We will examine and investigate art together. This will allow you to immerse yourself in arrays of cultural experiences in real life with your own private expert guiding you and answering all your questions. We offer a hand-holding approach, being with you every step of the way as you learn how to appreciate and understand art.

Your privacy and comfort are very important to us. We make the process of “learning art” truly easy, fun, and exciting by taking you behind the scenes of the exciting art world and exposing you to many private VIP art events that require exclusive access. We specialize in introducing cutting-edge Asian contemporary art.

We will be preparing you to become confident about art appreciation and collecting. Our expertise and experiential programs will allow you to gain new insight into art, to understand it and appreciate the value and richness that it can add to your life. Unlike other art advisory services, building your social currency and cultural wealth will be our top priority.

Our Exclusive Programs

We can customize a day trip for you or you can choose one of the following options:

Gallery Program
Art openings
Gallery exhibition visits and tours

Museum Program
Art events
Exhibition visits and tours

Art Fair Program
Art fairs
Lectures and events

Art Events
Exclusive VIP art events and fundraisers


Introductory Program
Galley exhibition tour or art opening visit
Museum visit and tour
Art fair tour

Art Fair Program
National and international art fair visits and tours
VIP access to all art fairs

Gold Level Program (Los Angeles area)
Private gallery exhibition visits and/or openings
Private museum visit and tour
Exclusive VIP Los Angeles art fair tour plus one VIP lectures and events

Platinum Level Program (Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York)
Private gallery exhibition programs and/or openings
Private museum exhibition programs or events
Exclusive VIP tours of select art fairs plus two VIP lectures and events
Exclusive art events or artist studio visits

Black Level Program (USA and Asia)
Fully tailored national and global program to suit your interests and needs

We welcome you to email us to learn more about our exclusive programs.